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Κυριακή, 5 Σεπτεμβρίου 2010

Greece Agribusiness Report 2010

Greece Agribusiness Report 2010

BMI View: The tough fiscal consolidation plan that Greece has committed to in exchange for an EU and IMF bailout will cause no small measure of pain in agriculture.
On the supply side, farmers will struggle to secure credit, investment will suffer and some smaller producers may go out of business. On the demand side, more unemployment and economising by cash-strapped consumers will see consumption of some commodities suffer, notably beef, pork and wheat. ! Poultry production to fall 0.5% in 2010 to 173,000 tonnes; pork output to fall 1.2% year-on-year to 113,000 tonnes; beef to drop 2.1% to 55,900 tonnes. ! Financial crisis likely to exert downward pressure on wheat prices and starve the industry of investment over the forecast period. From 2009-2014, production to fall from 1.84mn tonnes in 2009/10 to 1.80mn tonnes in 2013/14. ! In 2010, we forecast Greek rice production to fall by 3.0% to 199,000 tonnes. Over our five-year forecast period from 2009, we are forecasting growth in output of 11.0%, owing to expected yield gains. We now forecast production in 2014 standing at 227,000 tonnes. ! Less efficient dairies are likely to go out of business, credit will be difficult to secure and investment will be scaled back. Latest figures from the Food and Agriculture Organization put 2008 milk production at 2.09mn tonnes. In 2009, we estimate it fell to 2.07mn tonnes. For 2010 we now forecast another slight reduction in milk output to 2.05mn tonnes. ! Commitment to deeper fiscal cuts has prompted a revision to our 2010 growth forecast to -4.6% from a previous -2.0%. Additional spending cuts will also fuel public discontent, resulting in further demonstrations and national strikes which will continue to cripple the economy. These could result in serious disruption to agricultural production and distribution, and pose a downside risk to our forecasts. ! The European Commision should come up with new proposals for the dairy industry based on the UN's High Level Group report in December. One is likely to be boosting farmers' bargaining power by establishing contractual arrangements between them and the dairy processing industry. A futures market for dairy may also be recommended with a view to decreasing volatility. It is difficult to predict exactly what form these proposals will take, but they will likely have influenced Greek dairy production by the end of our forecast period
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Δευτέρα, 9 Αυγούστου 2010

Basis price"1.10 euro/kg price for corithian dry grapes(09/08/2010 9:52)

At 1.10 million is the starting price for this year's trade period currants in accordance with initial discussions taking place in SKOS that this year has taken initiatives to support the product. According to what has become known the more value that will be announced immediately after the Assumption is a satisfactory level but there is still an optimistic scenario can be more depending on the conditions that will prevail in the market.

In a few days will be launched in all areas of the Peloponnese stafidoparagogikes the harvest, farmers are waiting for official announcements at what levels will move the prices of the product is intended to constitute a substantial financial incentive. The chairman of the NDP and the SKOS Olympia Ilia G. Kalimoros to statements claimed that his personal opinion is that price was an incentive for dried grapes: "My personal opinion is the price of grapes to be under 1.10 euro, not less and depending on the market that we will see what more we can give.

Παρασκευή, 5 Ιουνίου 2009

greek durum wheat at 250 euro /ton

less than 10days before harvesting durum wheat seems to start over 200euro/mt for farmer prices at central makedonia!

super offer ammonia nitrate fertilizer 300/euro/mt

An Unique product, patented by AGROPOLYCHIM. SAN . This is a typic ammonia nitrate fertilizer containing two forms of nitrogen: ammonia and nitrical all-purpose product - suitable for fertilization of all crops. It is white or pale yellow in color, easy solving in water, highly hygroscopic. The product's condensing is removed through granulation.

The product exerts the most powerful and immediate effect on the crop yields. In identical conditions the rainfall boosts the efficiency of nitric fertilizers. Efficiency increases as well when a correct combination of nitric and phosphate and potassium fertilization is used.

Storage, packaging and transport:

The product is stored in bulk or in packages in dry, closed warehouse premises, preventing damping or direct sun exposure. It is packaged in valve cassette polyethylene, polypropylene or isolated polypropylene tissue bag – net weight 50 kg or 1mt “bigbags”.

Ammonia nitrate is transported packed or in bilk in any kind of vehicles preventing product damping and in accordance with the rules for transport of specific loads.

wanted :::soft wheat

less than 10days before harvesting

feed wheat urgently needed
prices rising from 110 to 130 euros/mt

greek corn price rising!!

greek corn price rising!!!
from 140e/mt at 1may
currently at155euro/mt
at 1 jule 190-200 ???

Σάββατο, 30 Μαΐου 2009

greek watermellons
we can provide mellons and water mellons directly from the fields from thessaloniki area
the payment is cash only or in bank tranfer in advance . also you have to arrange transportation from our facilities .the prices are depending from the demmand
but our prices are better because fruits are directly from the farmers
the season begins at 15 june i estimate the prices would be 0,18-0,2 EURO PER KILO AND GRADUALLY will form at 0,15-017euro/kg.
till how manny kilograms are you interested in medium,small and big watermellons?
please inform me if you are really inderested in these terms.


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